Bench Scales

3600 Series Quartzell Bench Scales

These are 10 to 250 lb capacity bench scales with high resolution Quartzell weight sensor for a standard resolution 10,000d. The scale has a stainless steel shroud, simple controls and clear, LCD display. Options include ball top shroud, battery operation and more.

3600 Series Quartzell Bench Scale product specifications

3700LP Bench Scales

The 3700LP is a self-contained, economical bench scale for basic industrial weighing. This low profile, mild steel bench scale has a stainless steel weighing platter and is very durable, making it ideal for tough industrial environments.

3700LP Bench Scale product specifications

OHAUS Ranger 7000 Compact Bench Scales

For Ranger 7000, there is one resounding theme: it offers the best of every ingenious feature that make OHAUS industrial products the right tools for your toughest weighing jobs. Ranger 7000 boasts the highest resolution, largest display, most application modes and connectivity options, as well as the largest memory library of any industrial bench scale in the OHAUS portfolio.

Ranger 7000 Series Compact Bench Scale information and specifications

OHAUS Defender 5000 Series Rectangular Bench Scales

The OHAUS DefenderTM 5000 Series is a feature-rich line of bench scales, combining an ABS plastic T51P indicator with rectangular painted steel bases and columns. Ideal for shipping and receiving, production, packaging and general commercial and industrial weighing applications, the Defender 5000 offers a multifunctional indicator with multiple weighing units and software modes to meet the requirements of industrial and lab applications. With rugged construction, comprehensive yet intuitive software and multiple connectivity options, the Defender 5000 can meet the needs of demanding industrial operations.

Defender 5000 Series Bench Scale product and specifications sheet