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If you are looking for industrial floor scales, shipping scales, bench scales, warehouse scales or other industrial weighing equipment, Apple Valley Scale Company has what you’re looking for. We carry a full line of floor scales and bench scales to help your Industrial operate at maximum efficiency. These highly rugged weighing devices will save you money while minimizing the amount of dollars you spend for your industrial warehouse needs.

3600 Series Quartzell Bench Scales

These are 10 to 250 lb capacity bench scales with high resolution Quartzell weight sensor for a standard resolution 10,000d. The scale has a stainless steel shroud, simple controls and clear, LCD display. Options include ball top shroud, battery operation and more.

3600 Series Quartzell Bench Scale product specifications

3700LP Bench Scales

The 3700LP is a self-contained, economical bench scale for basic industrial weighing. This low profile, mild steel bench scale has a stainless steel weighing platter and is very durable, making it ideal for tough industrial environments.

3700LP Bench Scale product specifications

OHAUS Ranger 7000 Compact Bench Scales

For Ranger 7000, there is one resounding theme: it offers the best of every ingenious feature that make OHAUS industrial products the right tools for your toughest weighing jobs. Ranger 7000 boasts the highest resolution, largest display, most application modes and connectivity options, as well as the largest memory library of any industrial bench scale in the OHAUS portfolio.

Ranger 7000 Series Compact Bench Scale information and specifications

OHAUS Defender 5000 Series Rectangular Bench Scales

The OHAUS DefenderTM 5000 Series is a feature-rich line of bench scales, combining an ABS plastic T51P indicator with rectangular painted steel bases and columns. Ideal for shipping and receiving, production, packaging and general commercial and industrial weighing applications, the Defender 5000 offers a multifunctional indicator with multiple weighing units and software modes to meet the requirements of industrial and lab applications. With rugged construction, comprehensive yet intuitive software and multiple connectivity options, the Defender 5000 can meet the needs of demanding industrial operations.

Defender 5000 Series Bench Scale product and specifications sheet

A checkweigher is an automatic or manual machine for checking the weight of packaged goods. It is normally found at the off-going end of a production process and is used to ensure that the weight of a pack of the commodity is within specified limits.

Avery Weigh-Tronix Quick Check ZQ375 Checkweigher

The Quick Check ZQ375 is the latest innovation in checkweighing from Avery Weigh-Tronix. Featuring food-grade, stainless steel construction, the ZQ375 is a highly efficient solution for
the food industry and beyond. From complete visibility of weighing data and statistics to fast, effective, simple checkweighing, the ZQ375 can help you to maximize performance and profitability while meeting the strictest legislative requirements.

ZQ375 Checkweigher product information and specifications

Avery Weigh-Tronix ZK840 Counting Scale

The ZK840 counting scale offers exceptional accuracy and flexibility. Fully programmable, with database inventory control and a suite of applications, this high resolution touch-screen scale has been designed with flexibility, ease of use and precision in mind.

ZK840 Counting Scale product information

Avery Weigh-Tronix ZK830 Counting Scale

The ZK830 combines exceptional accuracy, reliability and robustness in a single design. Programmed with multiple applications, the ZK830 can maximize operator efficiency in many different industrial environments, from counting and checkweighing to general high resolution weighing tasks.

ZK830 Counting Scale product information

Avery Weigh-Tronix PC-820 Counting Scale

The closer you can get to a perfect parts count, the closer you can get to just-in-time inventory. Which will then give you greater manufacturing efficiencies, quicker turnaround, and improved profits. Owning an Avery Weigh-Tronix Quartzell® PC-820 counting scale makes the difference.

PC-820 Counting Scale product information

Avery Weigh-Tronix PC-902/905 High Precision Counting Scale

Now even small-component manufacturers and suppliers have a counting scale alternative that ensures accuracy and reduces time required to count parts. The Avery Weigh-Tronix PC-902 and PC-905 digital counting scales have the ability to weigh parts as light as 0.00001 lbs. in less time with accuracy up to 99%.

PC-902/905 High Precision Counting Scale product info

Rice Lake Portable Floor Scales

RoughDeck BDP Barrel, Drum & Pallet Scale

Portability and Flexibility go Hand-in-Hand with RoughDeck®. The RoughDeck® BDP can be used as a stationary or portable scale and features a low-profile design that allows optional access ramps to sit flush with the ground for smooth loading of barrels and drums. The BDP is equipped with live side rails so large items and pallets that exceed the platform dimensions can be accurately weighed.

The stationary BDP can be easily converted into a portable scale with the optional portability kit. The kit is compact and sits below the live side rails. The caster-engaging mechanism in the portability frame permits operators to effortlessly move the BDP from one location to another. When ramps are attached to the portability frame, the hinges allow the operator to rest the ramps on the scale platform while in-motion.

The BDP can be paired with any Rice Lake indicator. The indicator is conveniently attached to the portability frame pedestal, which is separate from the live weighing platform, eliminating interference when zeroing the scale.

BenchMark™ HDP

Stainless Steel Scale Cover makes the BenchMark™ HDP a polished traveling performer.

The BenchMark™ HDP portable platform scale, with capacities up to 500lbs, is the ideal option for lighter industrial and commercial applications. Choose between casters or large rear-mounted wheels. The 304 stainless steel cover is as durable as it is sleek.

This NTEP approved scale is designed with a sturdy mild steel base. The column at the back of the scale serves as both a handle for moving the unit and a stand for mounting any of several Rice Lake optional indicators: IQ plus® 355, IQ plus 390, or IQ plus 590.


The handy DeckHand™ weighs and rolls anywhere. Move the DeckHand to any part of a facility and be instantly ready to weigh accurately. The platform is designed to weigh perfectly on all corners. Off-center product loading will not affect weighing accuracy.

DeckHand™ wheels only touch the floor when the unit is tilted back for movement allowing the weighing platform to remain stable on uneven floors.

View additional RoughDeck® BDP, BenchMark™, and DeckHand™ product information

Rice Lake RoughDeck PW-1 Pallet Scale

Rice Lake’s RoughDeck® PW-1 pallet scale is an economical alternative to a floor scale in noncommercial and industrial weighing environments. The u-shape decreases cycle time when weighing pallets by allowing a pallet jack or forklift to quickly unload the pallet on the u-shaped deck, reload and transfer the goods with less travel involved than traditional floor scales. Available in both mild and stainless steel, the PW-1 pallet scale comes in a variety of sizes and capacities, as well as with an optional wheel kit for easy portability.

RoughDeck PW-1 Product Information

Avery Weigh-Tronix ProDec Deck Scale

Companies today are adopting new strategies for working smarter not harder. These strategies include “just-in-time” manufacturing, quality processes and improving work flow. Companies going through this transition are attributing much of their success to Weigh-Tronix ProDec scales. See the document below for all the reasons why.

ProDec Deck Scale product information

Salter-Brecknell Pegasus Floor Scales

Pegasus platform scale with indicator

Salter Brecknell’s Pegasus line of floor scales offer unprecedented value in weighing due to their rugged construction, powder coat paint finish, versatility, and availability in mild steel or all-stainless steel construction.

Pegasus Scales product information/specifications

In many operations, weighing is considered an extra step that takes too much time. It’s easier to estimate the weight than travel to a  oor scale and wait for access. Guessing costs businesses millions in revenue every year.

A forklift scale allows seamless integration of weighing and data management into your operation – without adding any extra steps or route changes.

QTLTSC Forklift Scale

The Avery Weigh-Tronix QTLTSC Forklift Scale System includes a durable, front-mounted scale carriage with accurate Weigh Bar® electronic weight sensors and a choice of two in-cab instruments. The system allows operators to easily and quickly capture legal-for-trade weight data en route, without extra steps.

View QTLTSC Forklift Scale System product info

View QTLTSC Class IV Scale System specification sheet

FLSC Forklift Scale

The Avery Weigh-Tronix FLSC Forklift Scale System includes a durable, front-mounted scale carriage with accurate Weigh Bar® electronic weight sensors and a choice of two in-cab instruments. The system allows operators to easily and quickly capture legal-for-trade weight data en route, without extra steps.

View FLSC Forklift Scale System product info