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Apple Valley Scale Company offers a complete line of NTEPinfoInfoNTEP stands for National Type Evaluation Program, which is a non-profit corporation. Scales and other weighing equipment that are NTEP approved have been tested and evaluated to ensure they meet all government standards and requirements. Certified Turn-Key applications. Truck Scales designed to accommodate your requirements. From fully Electronic Truck scale and Mechanical Truck scale. Apple Valley Scale Company employs its own crew for excavation and concrete work, so we can help with you in preparing your site for installation, renovation and removal of existing scales.

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Rice Lake Survivor® ATV

Portable, Steel Deck Truck Scale

Survivor® Series scales combine industry-leading electronic features with the rugged dependability of mechanical scales. In a market crowded with scales manufactured to compete on price alone, Survivor® scales are built from the ground up for lasting performance under the toughest conditions. When you choose a Survivor®, you’re getting the
best built, best backed vehicle scale on earth. Guaranteed.

Survivor® ATV product information
Survivor® ATV product specifications

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ Automated Ticketing Kiosks are ideal for a variety of plant operations.

  • Ports
  • Transfer Stations
  • Landfills
  • Warehouses
  • Feed Mills
  • Grain Terminals
  • Chemical Plants
  • Load-out Facilities
  • Construction Materials

Rice Lake’s powerful Automated Ticketing Kiosk System increases efficiencies and optimizes the flow of trucks in and out of your plant. This unique solution virtually eliminates transaction errors by automating everything from the point of sale to account management. With a user-friendly interface, these kiosks seamlessly integrate with any size facility’s central office and accounting systems. Built with rugged NEMA 4 steel for long-lasting durability, this unique solution supports automatic identification of trucks and fully automated or semi-unattended ticketing.

Automated Ticketing Kiosk Systems product information

Avery Weigh-Tronix offers a wide variety of reliable, rugged and precise truck scales to suit any vehicle or location. BridgeMont® series scales and SteelBridge XT

  • arrive fully-assembled;
  • are low-profile;
  • are available in a wide range of standard lengths and widths or custom built to customer specifications.


The versatile BridgeMont series (Heavy Duty or Standard Duty) offers an unbeatable combination of structural integrity and cost effective ownership. With many sizes and capacities to choose from, BridgeMont fits virtually any application.

SteelBridge XT

SteelBridge XT is a true heavyweight in the industry. Engineered to thrive on heavy, frequent, day-to-day use, the XT is often used in aggregate, logging, and recycling operations as well as for high traffic, over-the-road weighing. And with a 15-year truck scale warranty, you can be sure SteelBridge XT will still be in operation long after a competitor’s scale has worn out.

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For Avery Weigh-Tronix BridgeMont® and Steel Bridge XT® Truck Scales

If your business depends on your ability to move products efficiently, if truck transportation is what keeps you alive, if you prefer to operate safely as well as efficiently, then finding a way to get accurate axle weights is a clear necessity. Accurate axle weights mean no more fines for misloaded trucks. Accurate axle weights mean reduced liability in the case of an accident. Accurate axle weights mean an end to uneven loading and costly delays at check points.

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A Pre-Fab foundation for low-profile truck scales can cut time, labor, and headaches from your next truck scale installation. Building a truck scale can’t get simpler. Unload, assemble, and start weighing.

Most of the challenge of installing a truck scale is the preparation of the foundation—gathering site specifications and blue prints, coordinating the efforts of earth movers and cement contractors, timing the project so that the site will be ready for the delivery of the scale.

Avery Weigh-Tronix Pre-Fab Truck Scale Foundations, in either steel or concrete, remove most of the complexities of truck scale installation. The scale and foundation can arrive on the same truck on the same day to be set into place in just hours.

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Traffic control is as simple as adding one of Rice Lake’s stop and go lights to your truck scale process. Stop Lights from Rice Lake offer industrial-strength lighting systems that will professionally communicate the universal red and green stop/go commands at a distance, keeping your process moving quickly and efficiently.


  • Housing meets or exceeds ITE specifications
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 8 inch LED lights, enclosure injection molded polycarbonate
  • LED modules
  • Compliant to ITE UTCSH – LED circular signal
  • Temperature compensated power supplies for long LED life
  • Conformal coated power supplies
  • Intertek/ETL certified and listed on ETL certification program
  • 135 VAC


  • 4.5in outer dimension aluminum pole
  • Cast aluminum base mounts to concrete with four anchor bolts
  • Base underside has integrated anchor bolt guide to ensure proper anchor placement.
  • Removable 8in access door for cable splicing and bolt attachments (H x W) 15in x 13 3/4in

Rice Lake Traffic Light Kits product information & specifications

Cardinal’s USA-made Guardian series of Hydraulic Truck Scales are the smart choice for demanding applications like solid waste stations, quarries, grain, chemical processing and heavy construction.

Damage resulting from water, lightning and voltage surges, corrosion, rodents, shock loading and extreme climatic conditions can dramatically increase the cost of ownership of your scale. Guardian hydraulic load cells are covered under a true lifetime warranty against all of these protecting your investment. Every Guardian truck scale is fully assembled and tested before leaving the factory.

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