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Apple Valley Scale Company offers a complete line of NTEPinfoInfoNTEP stands for National Type Evaluation Program, which is a non-profit corporation. Scales and other weighing equipment that are NTEP approved have been tested and evaluated to ensure they meet all government standards and requirements. Certified Turn-Key applications. Truck Scales designed to accommodate your requirements. From fully Electronic Truck scale and Mechanical Truck scale. Apple Valley Scale Company employs its own crew for excavation and concrete work, so we can help with you in preparing your site for installation, renovation and removal of existing scales.

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If you are looking for industrial floor scales, shipping scales, bench scales, warehouse scales or other industrial weighing equipment, Apple Valley Scale Company has what you’re looking for. We carry a full line of floor scales and bench scales to help your Industrial operate at maximum efficiency. These highly rugged weighing devices will save you money while minimizing the amount of dollars you spend for your industrial warehouse needs.

Avery Weigh-Tronix ProDec Deck Scale

Companies today are adopting new strategies for working smarter not harder. These strategies include “just-in-time” manufacturing, quality processes and improving work flow. Companies going through this transition are attributing much of their success to Weigh-Tronix ProDec scales. See the document below for all the reasons why.

ProDec Deck Scale product information

Salter-Brecknell Pegasus Floor Scales

Pegasus platform scale with indicatorSalter Brecknell’s Pegasus line of floor scales offer unprecedented value in weighing due to their rugged construction, powder coat paint finish, versatility, and availability in mild steel or all-stainless steel construction.

Pegasus Scales product information/specifications

If increasing the role of automation in your process is essential to improving your productivity, you are probably already exploring smarter machines and faster, more versatile networks. The task of maintaining effective weight data management and process control is a mission ideally suited to a programmable indicator/controller. When it comes to Indicators, Apple Valley Scale has you covered.

Scales need to be calibrated at regular intervals, which requires certified test weight. Apple Valley Scale Company uses certified test weights traceable to NIST. New test weights can also be purchased or rented. Apple Valley Scale Company can supply a large variety of test weights, ranging in classification from Class 1 to Class F.

Test weights on truck

A commercial scale is any scale used for buying or selling product. When commercial scales are out of calibration, someone loses—either the seller is giving away product, or the buyer is not getting what he is paying for. For this reason, commercial scales should be checked for accuracy and calibrated every 6 months or yearly, depending on volume of use.

You can count on Apple Valley Scale Company to meet all your repair and calibration needs. We offer our customers scale repair that is unparalleled. Our quality scale repair services are completed by highly-skilled and knowledgeable technicians who are factory-trained and field-experienced.

Our reputation continues to grow due to our excellent service, dependability, and professionalism. Let us know how we can help you!